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SwimGuard Edge, designed to help you keep your swimmers safe. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, SwimGuard Edge constantly monitors all pool users simultaneously. SwimGuard Edge operates in a similar way to how a lifeguard scans their designated area of supervision ensuring that assistance can be provided in the shortest possible time.

The key to successful outcomes is the detection of a swimmer in difficulty in less than 15 seconds.

Saving lives costs money. Saving money could cost lives.

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SwimGuard Edge

An adult can drown in less than 60 seconds

SwimGuard Edge is designed in the UK specifically for smaller commercial pools as found in residential complexes, hotels, health clubs and spas. These pools do not always have pool side attendants so pool user safety is often compromised.

Challenges of pool supervisors

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for unmanned pools
  • Lone bather warning 
  • No operational reliance on internet
  • Alerts delivered to mobile devices via Wi-Fi
  • State-of-the-art, future-proof technology
  • Short installation time
  • Cost-effective solution


  •  Important layer of safety
  •  Effective pool supervision
  •  Brand protection
  •  Reputation enhancement
  •  Risk reduction
  •  Peace of mind
  •  Freedom of movement for responders
  •  Monthly trends and useful data reporting
  •  Remote performance monitoring
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Frequently Asked Questions

“Eyes” in the form of Edge Camera Modules monitor all the swimmers simultaneously.  If a person is deemed to require assistance based on rules of the system irt will send an alert to a responder via Wi-Fi.

Cost effective pool supervision, installation is short and causes no disruption to operation, remotely monitored, state of the art AI technology.

The system understands the difference between a person standing up and a person swimming. Abnormal events are programmed into the system sucg as a person swimming suddenly stopping with face down.

There are no restrictions on the shape of the pool.

The system will carry out various tests over a short period, if its potential incident an alert will be raised within 15 seconds and sent to a responder.

Levels of lighting have no detrimental on the system’s performance.

There are no GDPR issues, images of people are neither stored nor distributed.

All Swimguard Edge Systems are remotely serviced and monitored for performance providing internet access is given.

An average system installation would take 5 – 7 days.  There is no need to drain the pool and normal operations can carry on.

SwimGuard Edge does not need an internet connection to operate, only for remote servicing.

If the Wi-Fi service fails the system will notify the responders so the emergency plan can be put in place.

Yes, the system is fully GDPR Compliant.

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