CastletEngineering The Solution


Castlet provides a range of services to support all our customers.



Castlet employs highly skilled commissioning engineers. For our export projects we work to the standards required at that plant, often with our local agents, for commissioning and optimising our equipment and interfacing with 3rd party products.


Quite often, equipment operators on plants move on, skills lost, or plant conditions change. It's important optimisation is carried out regularly, in order to achieve the best possible performance of the equipment - we provide this service frequently to many of our customers


Castlet offer a full product calibration service for all current and many legacy equipment. Calibration certificates can be provided on request. Periodicity can vary from one to two years dependant on application.

Remote/Online services

Castlet provides remote support for our equipment in the commissioning stages. We have developed a detailed and intensive pre-start video linked assessment - followed by a witnessed support of commissioning by our customers. Due to location and time zones, our engineers work to local time for complete support. Ethernet linked equipment enables online access also.

Spares and Repairs

With all delivered equipment, we provide commissioning and long term spare parts, to assist our customers maintain full operation for years ahead.

Planned Maintenance

Routine and preventative planned maintenance is key to avoid higher emergency maintenance costs further down the line. We carry out this service across many customer sites, including cleaning, component testing, heat source checks, aeration, cooling and corrosion checks

Emergency callouts

We all know there are times when you just need an engineers support, hence we provide an emergency call out service; either conducted remotely or directly on site.

Environmental chamber Testing

Castlet have a Envirotherm SE-1000 environmental chamber with a large workspace. Operating temperatures are -40 deg C to plus 85 deg C. Repetitive shock vibration testing suitable for HALT and HASS testing. Each of the 4 impactors have individual air modulation that smooths frequency response. The controller provides graphs, reporting of temperature and repetitive shock vibration.