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Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

enhancement of defence AND Security

Focusing on Research and Development coupled with Artiļ¬cial Intelligence we are perfectly positioned to play our part in defence and security. We create and offers customised products based on our clients’ requirements. These products can assist customers in reducing their labour requirements along with a reduction of overall costs while improving the quality.

  • IED Classification & Disruption
  • Warfare Simulation Modelling
  • Rapid Data Processing
  • Target Recognition
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Facial Recognition
  • Drone Enhancement
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Unstructured Data

IED Detection and disruption

AI identifies the IED and its constituent components from pictures captured by a robot mounted camera or the field operatives, and provides information and steps/solutions to disarm the IED.


Custom designed computer vision solutions are developed, based on the client's request to process Data captured from drones. Examples : Forest Fire Detection, Insurgent detection in forest etc


Solutions provided by Castlet allow large amount data to be processed which has been generated from various military processes, enabling fast and accurate decisions to be made.

Location Tracking

Provides Object/Location Tracking capabilities for Drones and Vehicle Mounted Cameras

Weapon Recognisation

We provide custom weapons detection and recognition solutions for drones, robots and CCTVs cameras.