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ESP Controller Retrofits

After a decade of development, Castlet released the MCS III family of equipment, which included the MCS III controller, colour touch screen user interface, CAN Opener and I/O Module system.

Castlet currently support both controllers (MCS II and III) in tandem. However, as components of the MCS II are likely to become obsolete in the near future, at some point we will be declaring the MCS II as obsolete.

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ESP Controller Retrofits

Castlet will undertake support and repairs for as long as components are available, but no guarantee can be made of this. By upgrading to MCS III, the risk of equipment becoming obsolete is removed.

Improved settings and functions

The MCS III has more features and options available via the colour touch screen. At the request of our clients, we have introduced a maximum spark frequency setting. The waveform and graph plotting assist for quick fault diagnosis and ease of commissioning.

Increased rapping control

Rapping control has been greatly improved on the MCS III. Rappers can be assigned to multiple queues, ensuring lanes and passes cannot rap at the same time.

Alarm logging

Each MCS III will log and time-stamp the last 22 alarms.

Ease of configuring

Improved programming functionality with a standard USB lead; a Castlet MCS III dongle is no longer required.

On board functions

The MCS III now has built in 0-20mA signals for kV and mA on board and 6 volt free relay outputs - this removes the requirement for separate PC2020, PC2017 and PC2018’s and means significantly lower spares need to be stocked.

Redundant CAN network

Dual CAN network ports allow for dual redundant communications.

Increased inputs

The MCS III offers 16 x programmable digital inputs and 4 x 4-20mA analogue inputs.

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