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UK Ministry of Defence

Sector: Aerospace, Marine and Ground

A tri-services battery testing system for the UK Ministry of Defence.

The problem

The client required a battery testing capability that would stretch forward for at least the next 10 – 20 years. This facility must be capable of testing beyond what is currently commercially available and required to support the existing equipment fleet.

The solution

Castlet developed a multi-purpose equipment capable of capacity testing from milli-Amps up to 150Amps. This is a micro processor based unit capable of storing all the required battery parameters organised by Nato Stock Number. This capability automates much of the process, therefore removing the potential for human error.

The customer contracted Castlet to produce a development unit and bench trials. This was successful, and it led to Castlet being contracted to manufacture some 50 units for service requirements.

The customer now has a safe and reliable means of testing all their batteries.

This equipment was designed in such a way that the application met the exact requirements of the customer but was transferable to other products and applications.