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World leading Aerospace Castings company

Sector: Industrial

A World leading Aerospace castings company.

The problem

The company required new Ultra sonic test equipment and the commercially available off the shelf equipment was not suitable without considerable modification.

The solution

Castlet was approached by the customer to engineer, design, build test and commission a bespoke package that matched the client’s requirements. The initial phase was to have meetings with the client to ensure the equipment was designed to meet all current requirements as well as to try and anticipate future requirements.

The agreed design included for a tank of approximately 1500mm square by 1000+ high and made of Stainless steel 316L 3mm thick. The tank is supported by a painted box section frame upon which the 4 Axis drives are anchored. The tank is filled with water to approx. 2/3 height to assist the ultrasonic transmission. The work piece is clamped to a turntable which has varying rotational speed to maintain a constant object speed under the sensor head. The sensor was mounted onto a vertical column and fitted with a two axis gimble, to allow the operator to accurately align the sensor probe to the work piece. Additionally there was a further three axis of movement to allow the sensor head to follow the profile of the work piece.

The control was performed by an Allen Bradley PLC connected with a panel view touch screen. The PLC controlled all the movements via 2+4 axis motion controllers connected to brushless servo motors.

On a flaw detection the signal was logged by the PLC to enable the operator to manually operate the system and return the work piece back to the point of detection for further investigation.

The PLC was pr programmed with all the relevant profiles to ensure a quick changeover from one type of casting to the next. Due to the automation of the system the average time per scan was reduced by approximately 50%.